Neurological Testing

There are many reasons a podiatric physician may wish to conduct a neurological examination.  We may wish to assess a patient for conditions such as:

Peripheral Neuropathy
Neuromuscular Disease
Tarsal Tunnel
Morton's Neuroma
Nerve Trauma
Spinal Cord Abnormalities

Some of the tests that may be employed are: 

  • Two Point Discrimination  Assesses the quality of patient's nervous perception. 

  • Temperature  Mostly tests nerves and path to the brain known as the lateral spinothalamic tract. 

  • Semmes-Weinstein Monofilaments  Assesses the patient's nerve perception ability and assesses the patient for a tendency to ulcers and infections. 

  • Nerve Conduction Studies  Tests the speed of transmission of a nerve impulse up the course of the nerve.  Often a good indicator of disease in nerves.


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