While there are dozens of different types of orthopedics appliances, on this page we'll discuss some of the more common types  seen in podiatric practice:

Orthoses (or orthotics)

Orthotics are devices worn in the shoes to control abnormal foot motion or function, to provide stability, and / or to provide cushioning.  It is commonly used for fasciitis, flat or pronated feet, arthritis, knee pain, low back pain, shin splints, and other musculoskeletal problems.  Quality orthoses are custom-made, not off-the-shelf or "customized".

We have an entire webpage devoted to orthoses. 

Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO's)

There are a variety of types of AFO's, but most are static unhinged supports used to support or limit motion in the foot.  The variety on the left is commonly used for patients with "drop foot" (the inability to lift up the foot at the ankle).  

Richie Braces

A Richie Brace is a sort of combination between a standard functional orthosis and an AFO.  The weight-bearing surface is custom-made and is designed to control foot motion, but the supports extending up the leg provide for more stability.  The device doesn't allow much side-to-side motion, but it does allow for typical ankle motion.  A Richie Brace is hinged and used more to maintain motion more than an AFO.  It is commonly used for posterior tibial dysfunction, ankle instability, arthritis, a charcot foot, tarsal coalitions, tendinitis, and a drop foot. 

Latex Moulds

A latex mould is a latex rubber device used to redistribute weight away from a painful area on the foot.  It is commonly used for bunions (bunion shield), or for posterior heel spurs, for hammertoes, or other bony bumps. 



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