Sweaty feet (hyperhydrosis or hyperidrosis) and smelly feet (bromohydrosis or bromidrosis) are two very common, very annoying, and often very embarrassing conditions of the feet. While some cases of excessive smelling or sweating can occur throughout the body from various medical conditions such as an overactive thyroid or anaemia, this is rare.  It is much more common as a problem confined to the foot. 
The easiest way to control this condition is with over-the-counter medications such as Drysol, Dehydral and Xerac.  These agents work in the vast majority of cases, but on occasion, you may need to see your podiatrist as prescription medications or other therapies may be required. 
In addition to using these medications, you can improve this condition by washing your feet daily, by changing your shoes and socks daily, and by avoiding shoes and socks of synthetic materials.  White cotton socks and leather shoes seem to be the best choices.   
As sweaty feet tend to develop fungal infections, or Athlete’s Foot, you may wish to click onto that link and read about this condition. 



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