We are pleased to be able to offer--for the first time in western Canada--fully digital radiosurgery! 

Radiosurgery is great new technology used for eradicating Ingrown Nails, Warts, Neuromas, cysts, varicose veins, and a host of other common complaints. 


What is radiosurgery exactly?

Radiosurgery is a technology somewhat similar to electrosurgery or laser, but instead of using high temperature, low frequency waves (like electrosurgery), and instead of using light waves (like laser), high energy waves in the radio bandwidth are used (see below).


What's the benefit of using radio waves instead of laser or electrosurgery? 

As you can see on the chart below, the Ellman radiosurgery machine's high energy waves penetrate much less deeply into peripheral tissue than CO2 laser, Holmium laser, or electrosugery (marked as ESU/RF) units. 

The benefit to patients is that there is substantially less peripheral tissue destruction (by a factor of 25x compared to laser and by a factor of 50x compared to electrosurgery). 

Less peripheral damage to tissues means much greater precision and faster healing times. 



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