There are many ways you can help people in need with their foot health.  The following are four examples of podiatric charity work which Dr. Schumacher supports, and we would be pleased to provide you with more information if you would like to participate.  

1.  Shoe Drive   

Every year, Dr. Schumacher participates in a shoe drive to provide shoes to needy individuals in British Columbia.  If you have shoes you no longer wear and wish to donate them to charity, contact Dr. Schumacher's office, or drop off your shoes to any of our office locations. 

2.  Diabetes  

Diabetes is the leading cause of foot amputations in both Canada and the United States.  Diabetes can also cause chronic pain, loss of sensation, recurrent leg infections, and even death.  Canadians have a very strong history in advances in providing medical advances towards eradicating diabetes--insulin was developed here decades ago, and there have been exciting recent advancements here in transplanting cells into the pancreas so that the patient may be able to become completely free of insulin. 
If you wish to participate in eradicating this disease, contact the Canadian Diabetes Association directly, or you may contact Dr. Schumacher's office.   

3.  Podiatric Education   

The Canadian Podiatric Education Foundation (CPEF) is an organization that provides funds to help offset the tremendous costs faced by Canadian podiatric medical students.  This is particularly needed today, because of the high costs Canadians incur studying in the United States because of the exchange rate.  (All podiatric medical schools are in the United States, and podiatric medical education requires studying there.)  Given the lengthy educational process to become a doctor of podiatric medicine, it is not uncommon for Canadian students to graduate in $200,000 U.S. worth of debt, then face having to pay that debt off with Canadian dollars.  If you are interested in offering financial assistance to Canadian podiatric medical students, please contact Dr. Schumacher.  

4.  Foot Care For Those Who Have None

Dr. Schumacher is part of a team developing a new program to offer free medical and surgical care to indigent people in Latin America.  If you are an individual or represent a group interested in helping sponsor foot care to this region, in providing medical equipment, or in participating in another way, please contact Dr. Schumacher.  


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