Moulded Shoes

What's a moulded shoe?

Moulded shoes are custom-made shoes that are literally made from a plaster-cast mould (alternatively spelled "mold" in the United States) of your foot. 

Who needs a moulded shoe?

Moulded shoes are made for individuals with deformities or other foot problems that are severe enough that the patient's feet do not fit comfortably inside a standard shoe. 

For what kind of conditions are moulded shoes made? 

We have made moulded shoes for patients with diabetes, severe arthritis, inoperable bunions and hammertoes, leprosy (yes, it still exists), club feet, drop foot, obesity, metatarsus adductus, birth defects, severe edema and lymphedema, vertical talus, chronic osteomyelitis, Charcot foot, traumatic injuries, tarsal coalitions, avascular necrosistendon dysfunction, and many other conditions. 


Where are they made?

We use the top moulded shoe laboratories from all over North America--depending upon the needs of the patient.  

Above:  The plaster mould of the foot is pictured along with the shoe made from the mould. 

What do moulded shoes look like?  

Made primarily to comfort painful deformities, moulded shoes have not traditionally been at the forefront of footwear fashion, but you can make a moulded shoe in virtually any style of shoe imaginable.  Today moulded shoes provide the most comfortable fit possible, along with the aesthetic appearance of an off-the-shelf model. 

There are slip-on models, boots, running shoes, sandals..........  Moulded shoes come in all shapes and styles. 


A few models of moulded shoes from Acor Orthopaedic. 


Prescribing and designing moulded shoes for severe foot problems is one of Dr. Schumacher's specialties.   To insure we get the best moulded shoes made for the right patient and the right purpose, we use companies from all over North America.




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